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Ballroom Dancing
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Legacy Commons
930 E Avenue Q-9
Palmdale, CA 93550
Getting Started

It seems that for many new students, the toughest thing about learning to dance is just making the decision to walk into the ballroom and take the first step.  If you tap your foot to music, you are already dancing!

We offer group classes, for both couples and singles, which give students the opportunity to dance with different partners, if desired, in a relaxed and friendly learning environment, as well as private instruction can be arranged with the instructor.

We play music for and offer dance instruction in
    • Club Dances such as West Coast Swing and Nightclub Two-Step 
    • American/Latin Dances: Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba, Salsa, 
      and East Coast Swing
    • American Smooth Dances: Foxtrot, Tango, Waltz, and Viennese Waltz 
    • Country dances are taught on Country nights.

Our ballroom dance instructors have many years of experience teaching and performing Rhythm and Smooth Ballroom Dance.   Our popular hour-long class precede the social dance at Legacy Commons. 

On Country nights different our instructors teach a country partner dance as well as a line dance.

A donation of $5 is requested for the lessons.

The social dance follows the Friday class so each student has plenty of opportunity to practice what they learned in class. 
You can be dancing in only      a few short weeks.
Check out our YouTube channel for some videos. Click here.